BSES Media Release: New sugarcane varieties approved for Southern region 2013

15 May 2013BSES
New sugarcane varieties approved for release in the Southern region in 2013

Based on the recent endorsements from the regional sugarcane Variety Adoption Committee, hosted by BSES Limited (BSES), an exciting new variety is now available to growers in the Southern cane growing region. 

“A promising variety Q249A with blanket approval to plant in all regions has been added to the regional Recommended for Planting List by the Variety Adoption Committee,” said Gae Plunkett, Development Officer – Varieties, Professional Extension and Communication Unit, BSES.

“Q249Ais a Central region variety which has produced high Tonnes Cane per Hectare (TCH) in trials across all soil types in the southern region. It has moderate to high Commercial Cane Sugar (CCS) – a measure of recoverable sugar in the cane – throughout the season. Although it is resistant to Fiji leaf gall, leaf scald and smut it has only intermediate resistance to Pachymetra root rot.”

Growers are encouraged to contact their local Productivity Services groups for planting material of this released variety.

Approval for the release of a new Q Variety – Q252 – is also being sought from the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Queensland. Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) are also pending.

“A request for approval for all the new Q varieties, including Q252 has been submitted and if approved this variety will be released in the Southern region later this year,” said Ms Plunkett.

“Q252 produced from parents Q208A and Q96 has shown high TCH and moderate to high CCS in recent Southern BSES trials. This Burdekin variety has shown good ratooning ability and has survived dry conditions well. It has intermediate resistance to smut and Pachymetra root rot.”

“By delivering new varieties that are more productive and disease-resistant BSES is helping growers and the Australian sugarcane industry become more productive, profitable and sustainable.”

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