SRDC Seminar – Colour removal from sugar cane juice- 3rd June 2013

One of the most important parameters in raw sugar quality is colour. Australian raw sugars are considered to be of high quality with respect to this parameter. However, some raw sugars produced in both Australia and overseas are relatively difficult to decolourise by sugar refiners, and tend to develop colour during storage.

A new approach that has the potential to efficiently and cost-effectively decolourise sugar process streams is through the use of the Fenton oxidation and related processes. The Fenton oxidation process involves the catalytic production of hydroxyl radicals from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) using iron(II), which has the potential to effectively degrade colour and colour precursors present in aqueous systems.

The key contribution contained in this PhD project is an understanding of the degradation of colour precursors in sugar solutions. A new direction of research for the removal of colour and colour precursors in sugar process streams will be presented.

Danny Nguyen is a final year PhD student from the Sugar Research Innovation at the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities based at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane. Danny’s PhD scholarship was funded by the Sugar Research and Development Corporation, Sugar Research Limited and QUT.

Danny has recently submitted his PhD thesis for internal review and will present results from his PhD research during a seminar at QUT on Monday the 3rd of June at 12:00 noon.

To register for this seminar contact Sara Stuart from SRDC ph: 07 3210 0495 or contact Danny Nguyen from QUT on mob: 0466 532 252 or email Apologises for the late notice.

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