QSL Media Release: QSL renews bulk sugar terminals lease

Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is pleased to announce it has re‐signed a five‐year lease with Sugar Terminals Ltd (STL) to manage and operate its Queensland bulk sugar terminals for the period of 1 January 2014 until 31 December 2018.

QSL Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Greg Beashel said the storage and handling of bulk sugar for the Queensland sugar industry was an important value adding service provided by QSL.

“This lease agreement provides security around QSL’s ability to continue to offer world class integrated storage, shipping and logistics management for the Queensland sugar industry,” Mr Beashel said.

“It’s a key part of the overall value adding offerings provided by QSL to Queensland’s sugar industry.The ability to manage six terminals as one allows us to store and co‐mingle the bulk sugar in a very effective and efficient way. We can deliver sugar all‐year‐round that is specific to our customers’preferences including timing and quality. This accessibility to quality Australian sugar attracts premiums in the marketplace, which as an industry‐owned body we return to our members.”

QSL operates six bulk sugar terminals in Queensland with a combined storage capacity of 2.5 million tonnes at any one time. The terminals are located at Bundaberg, Mackay, Townsville, Lucinda,Mourilyan and Cairns.

At the sugar terminals, QSL receives and processes a program of around 45,000 truck and 35,000 rail deliveries of raw sugar and manages a program of around 80 ship arrivals and departures in a typical year.

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