Next Gen announcement: Projects for 2013/2014

Next Gen has two exciting new projects that they will be hosting in 2013/2014 which offer a great opportunity for you to further your career and assist with your farm business.

As Next Gen has secured funding through Sugar Research and Development Corporation (SRDC) we will be able to offer these courses at a severely discounted one-off rate.

Business Planning and Cash Flow management course

This course is aimed at young farmers and will provide you with the knowledge about how to better understand and manage your business to help you make informed decisions about your farming future.

The course will be held over two days and will cover topics such as Business Structures, Government Regulations, Legal and Taxation Issues, Income & Cash Flow Projections, Profit & Loss and Break-Even Projections.

Elements from the course are taken from a nationally accredited training package and credits can be gained towards further studies.

The course will be delivered in six locations across Queensland and Northern New South Wales in late 2013/early 2014 at a cost of $150 per person.

Please click here for further information and how to register your interest.

Building Future Industry Leaders program

The Building Future Industry Leaders program has been developed as it has been identified that there is a real need to encourage and support young sugar professionals to play an active role in their industry, both now and in the future.

The project seeks to ensure that the future leaders in sugar are prepared to become the new face of the industry by allowing you to complete a three day ‘Foundations of Directorship’ course, delivered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The program will also give you the opportunity to take part in a mentoring program specifically designed to address the needs of the sugar industry and will be tailored to your individual interests and career goals. The program will commence in September 2013 and will run for approximately 10 months which will include a two day training course in Brisbane in December 2013 (in time for some last minute Christmas shopping!), followed by on-going communication with your mentor via phone, e-mail and/or Skype calls. The final cost of this program is subject to confirmation of further sponsorship.

If you would like to register your interest or require further information, please email or call (07) 3839 1900.

Both of these projects offer a great opportunity for you to further your career and assist your farm business and are open to all young cane farmers to participate, subject to numbers.

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