SRA alert- Providing Analytical Services to Growers

In the lead up to the formation of SRA, the analytical services BSES provided were reviewed and options for outsourcing them to commercial providers identified.

No alternative providers for conduction RSD, Pachymetra and nematode assays were identified. As these diseases could have a critical impact on our industry we will continue to provide these services. Further information about these services can be found on our website.

The following charges apply from 10 September 2013:

Analytical Services Price per sample ex GST- Levy payers Price per sample ex GST- Non-levy payers
RSD $2.20 $4.40
Pachymetra $50.00 $100.00
Nematodes $50.00 $100.00

We will continue to carry out some in-house analytical services that are needed for research projects. However we will cease to provide any other analytical services- for example, routine pesticide analyses and nutrient analyses from 1 November 2013. These services can be sourced at competitive prices from local commercial operators.

For any queries, please contact James Ogden-Brown on (07) 4155 7437 or

Analytical Services

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