Sugarcane researcher to blaze a trail in strategic leadership thinking

17 October 2013
SRA Media Release

Sugar Research Australia is investing in the Australian sugarcane industry’s robust future and contributing to rural Australia through funding Dr Geoff Kent to attend the Training Rural Australians in Leadership TRAILblazers progam.

Facilitated by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation the eight day residential leadership course is designed for experienced leaders who presently hold a senior position in agriculture.

Currently supervising projects in cane transport operations and sugar milling, Dr Kent is a chemical engineer employed by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) within the Sugar Research and Innovation group of the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities.

Geoff said that as an academic he was looking for a program that would be rural-focused but also hands on and practical.

“Working in sugar, it’s important to have goals in front of you, and fresh perspectives on what I have to offer. I’m excited to be part of a unique course that has such a strong rural-focus,” Dr Kent said.

“I want to make a difference to the sugar industry and develop new ways of strategic leadership thinking – I’m excited to learn about this.”

SRA invests in scholarships– including the Nuffield and Horizon Scholarships– to build the industry’s knowledge and capacity to tackle large issues such as improving productivity, profitability and sustainability for all participants.

“As the new research, development and extension company for the Australian sugarcane industry, we are proud to continue the tradition of funding a placement in the TRAILblazers program,” said Dr Michael O’Shea, General Manager Research Funding Unit, SRA.

“Dr Kent is responsible for much of QUT´s research, consulting and training activities in cane supply, transport and milling. Ideas and innovation in this sector could create new knowledge and practices that could be adopted at the mill.”

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