Sugarcane Levy payers encouraged to accept an invitation for Membership

11 November 2013
Sugar Research Australia (SRA) Media Release

Sugar Research Australia Ltd (SRA) has invited grower and milling business levy payers to become  Members of their industry-owned research, development and extension (RD&E) company.

Mr Paul Wright AM, Chairman, SRA said that Members of SRA will have the opportunity to directly engage with the company and will drive the organisation to a better future.

“As an industry-owned company everything we do, we do for the benefit of our levy payers. We value their opinions and want them to be directly involved in key aspects of our company such as contributing to our research priorities and voting on important matters,” said Mr Wright.

“Levy payers also have excellent relationships and strong ties within their sugarcane community. We want to be part of this conversation to build a stronger community for all.”

Any company or individual that holds an Australian Business Number (ABN) and pays the Sugarcane Levy is entitled to become a Member of SRA.

Where the Member is an individual that person can automatically become a Member upon lodging a completed Membership Application Form with SRA. Where the Member is a company or organisation they must appoint an individual to represent the organisation and exercise its rights.

The advantages and benefits of becoming an SRA Member include the ability to:
• attend, vote and speak at SRA General Meetings
• elect Directors to the SRA Board
• receive direct and priority notification of RD&E activities
• receive other member-specific benefits such as discounted publications
• nominate or be nominated as a Delegate
• elect Delegates.

“Delegates will have the potential to add significant value to our industry. We will shortly be calling for Delegates to be nominated from grower and miller Member representatives,” he said.

Delegates will have prime responsibility for electing the Director Selection Committee members, as well as considering matters relating to SRA Performance Reviews and the Sugarcane Levy.

“On a more general basis, Delegates will connect our company directly to our Members,” said Mr Wright.

“They will help to serve as our eyes and ears on the ground and will provide us with invaluable feedback about our Members’ views on industry trends, challenges and opportunities that can improve their farming or milling business.”

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