Ordering tissue-cultured sugarcane plantlets before the deadline just got easier with a new online calculator

2 December 2013
Sugar Research Australia Ltd (SRA) has launched a new online calculator to help productivity service groups and growers estimate how many tissue-cultured plantlets they should order for delivery in spring next year.

Dr Andrew Ward, Executive Manager Professional Extension and Communication Unit, SRA said that growers need to be confident that the number of plantlets they order today will cover their planting requirements in two years’ time. 

“On average just 90 plantlets which are planted in spring 2014 can produce up to one tonne of material for planting in 2015. A commercial operation could produce up to ten tonnes of material by ordering just 900 plantlets,” said Dr Ward.

“In our new online calculator growers can enter data specific to their farming operations and make an informed decision of how much they should order now, to fill their requirements down the track.”

Tissue culture plantlets are produced from disease-free plants and grown under sterile conditions in the laboratory to ensure they remain disease-free. Their use has been shown to reduce the spread of serious diseases such as ratoon stunting disease, smut and Fiji leaf gall.

With the right care the survival rate of tissue-cultured plantlets is very high, creating uniform crops and allowing the commercial-scale planting of a new variety, sooner.

“Once a grower identifies the best varieties for planting on their farm, they can contact their local productivity services group to place orders for plantlets.

“Orders for spring next year are now open and we encourage growers to put their order in as soon as possible.

“By planning ahead, growers can make a real improvement to the efficiency and productivity of their farm,” concluded Dr Ward.

Media contact: Vanessa Sandhu, Communications Manager, 0419 175 815.

Further information: The calculator, further information on varieties and QCANESelectTM – an online tool that provides up-to-date information on all available varieties can be found on the SRA website www.sugarresearch.com.au

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