Australian sugarcane crop near to complete

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16 December 2013
Processing of this year’s Australian sugarcane crop is in its final stage with just one mill yet to finish the 2013 crush.

When complete, just over 30.5 million tonnes of sugarcane will have been crushed by Australia’s 24 raw sugar mills. This aligns very closely with the pre-season forecast.

CEO of the Australian Sugar Milling Council, Dominic Nolan, says ideal weather conditions have prevailed for this year’s harvest resulting in minimal downtime for mills from rain.

“The dry conditions have also contributed to good sugar content for the Australian crop which has again been slightly higher than average with a CCS of just over 14.  Sugar production will be in excess of four million tonnes” said Mr Nolan.

The value of the sugar produced will be in the order of $1.6 billion with more than $1.2 billion coming from export sales.

“Our industry’s production has stabilised over the past two seasons after a number of disappointing results and with reports of between two and three thousand hectares of additional land coming into production for harvest next year, hopes are high for a crop in excess of 32 million tonnes in 2014”.

Australian Sugar Milling Council – 16 December 2013
For further information contact Dominic Nolan CEO – 07 32315000

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