SunWater working day and night to maximise water delivery to Burdekin irrigators

7 January 2014
SunWater Media Release

SunWater is continuing to work with the Burdekin River Irrigation Area Committee (BRIAC) to maximise the delivery of available water to irrigators, as hot dry weather conditions continue to drive high demand in the Burdekin region.

Acting General Manager, Bulk Water and Irrigation Systems, Rob Keogh said SunWater is undertaking regular maintenance and weed control measures to maximise the channel’s capacity and increase the delivery of water to Burdekin irrigators.

“SunWater is working with BRIAC to implement equitable water delivery arrangements, including placing restrictions on the use of surface water in the Giru Benefitted Area to replenish the ground water supply,” he said.

“Additionally, channel irrigators have been restricted to their peak-flow entitlement to ensure equitable distribution of water to the channel system and the Giru Benefitted Area.”

Mr Keogh said some irrigators have exceeded their peak-flow entitlement and SunWater has temporarily removed these customers from the channel system to ensure equitable water delivery to all customers along the Burdekin River irrigation area.

“SunWater is conducting regular surveillance of the channel system to identify irrigators who exceed their peak-flow entitlement,” he said.

“Most people are doing the right thing, however, we are taking action by temporarily ‘locking out’ the minority of customers who exceed their entitlement.”

SunWater has praised the cooperation of irrigators, BRIAC and local SunWater staff who are working extensive hours to manage the high demand and ensure that all customers receive an equitable share of available supplies.

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