Yellow Canopy Syndrome identified in the Mackay sugarcane region

Sugar Research Australia Limited (SRA) has confirmed the presence of Yellow Canopy Syndrome, an undiagnosed condition affecting sugarcane crops, in the Mackay region.

Dr Andrew Ward, Executive Manager Professional Extension and Communication Unit, SRA said that recent field monitoring activities discovered YCS-like symptoms in the Farleigh district.

“Based upon our knowledge of YCS and anecdotal information received from local productivity service groups our researchers agreed that what we were looking at was YCS,” Dr Ward said.

“We understand that this news may be of concern to local growers as YCS is a significant issue at the forefront for our industry in the other affected regions–the Burdekin, Herbert, Tully, Mulgrave and Mossman.”

In conjunction with Mackay Area Productivity Services SRA is inviting the central region sugarcane industry to attend an information session to learn more about what is known about the condition and how SRA’s research, which seeks to solve the YCS puzzle, is progressing.

“At a recent meeting with the Industry Stakeholder Group–which was appointed as part of the Solving the Yellow Canopy Syndrome Research Project–we agreed that it was timely to bring everyone involved in the local sugarcane industry up to speed,” he said.

The information session will also offer attendees the chance to participate in a question and answer session directly with the SRA research team.

“So if anyone still has an unanswered question or concern after the presentations, they can raise it then and there.

“As what we learnt last season and how this can be applied to the management of crops this season will be also discussed, we strongly encourage the local industry to join us on the day,” Dr Ward concluded.

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