Maven Agri: Sweetening the way for a sustainable future

13 February 2014
Maven Agri Media Release

The definition of Maven is “a trusted expert in a particular field” so what happens when Maven Capital’s Managing Director Brad Gordon combines his two greatest passions Farming and Finance? A new division for the company Maven Agri, with the sole purpose and focus of educating growers in sugar pricing to ensure the industry remains
sustainable for the future.

Farming runs deep in Mr Gordon’s veins, as a 4th generation Primary Sugar Producer and his family’s strong ties and business acumen within the industry, his Grandfather Sid Gordon was Chairman at Farleigh Mill and played a major role in the merger of the Mackay Co-Operative Mills. Mr Gordon knows all too well the financial hardships both the industry and growers have faced.

In 2010 after several years experience working in the finance industry for one of the biggest providers, Mr Gordon launched Maven Capital, one of only a handful of independently owned and operated financial licensee in the greater Mackay area. It is from this platform, his experience in financial markets and his grass roots knowledge of the sugar industry, that Mr Gordon saw a niche in the industry to develop a Nationally Recognised Education Program for growers [developed by growers for growers]. “The course is designed to increase their personal knowledge and understanding in sugar pricing, from a theoretical perspective into practice, in turn allowing growers to have knowledge and confidence when considering the pricing of their crop,” said Mr Gordon.

“Many growers want to learn and understand about how pricing works and the additional products available to them outside of their mill pricing arrangement and the opportunities this creates for a sustainable future. I was able to develop a specialized course that offers growers further education in this particular area whilst giving them a Certificate IV in Agri Business through the Australian Agricultural College Corporation,” he says. It’s not just the growers that are lining up to take part in the course, Mr Gordon has received interest from Agri Business Bankers and Accounting firms to give them greater knowledge and better understanding of their Agri clients financial

The course is a major milestone and the first of its kind for the industry. It has created quite a buzz with significant support shown by both Government and Industry Bodies, with financial assistance provided by the State Government to fund growers’ participation in the initial course. “The first round will be completed prior to the harvesting season and with the anticipated success of the course, I’m hoping State and Federal Governments will see the benefit of the Education Program to the industry and its growers’ and continue to support the growers’ participation,” said Mr Gordon. The first round of the course commences on February 26th in Mackay and with strong demand from other regions, Mr Gordon hopes to roll out the Education Program to various sugar growing communities from Bundaberg through to Cairns.

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