Advanced Nutrients: A free educational webinar on controlling fertiliser input costs to maximise profit


Date Friday, March 7 
Time 9.00am AEST(QLD)

Drawing on scientific evidence, Gary will show that granular, uncoated urea fertilisers leach as much as 40% of their Nitrogen in the first two weeks! These losses force growers to use extra to make up the difference — a costly exercise.

As Gary will point out, if there was a way to ensure more of that lost 60% reached your crops, you could cut fertiliser use — reducing input costs dramatically.

Gary will then introduce coated urea fertilisers specifically formulated to minimise Nitrogen losses. As Gary will prove, the carbon bio-catalysts coating on urea means up to 30% more Nitrogen reaches your crops. 

Using examples from field trials from around the world, Gary will show how growers are using two-thirds of the standard amount of fertiliser to achieve the same crop results — significantly reducing fertiliser costs in the process.

You’ll learn:

 1. How carbon-coated fertilisers extend the
pre-sow fertilisation window by several weeks.
 2 Why they’re the best Nitrogen fertilisers
for dry and drought conditions.
 3. How the carbon bio-catalyst coating promotes the growth
of microbial communities that store nutrients for your crops.
 4. Why growers with low-fertility soils can
benefit significantly from coated urea fertilisers.
 5. Optimal strategies depending on your soil
conditions and prevailing weather trends.
 6. Why most Nitrogen regulators are
uneconomic to use.

Register for this free webinar today and discover how you can
cut urea use and input costs without cutting crop yields, too.

Who should attend this webinar?

This webinar introduces enhanced efficiency fertilisers that improve growers’ efficiency in the field, and reduce their overheads. Whether you’re a grower looking for new ways to rein in costs, increase production or a distributor or wholesaler interested in the latest fertiliser advances, you’ll benefit immediately from the insights in this webinar.

About Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a leader in the development of innovative, environmentally benign fertilisers which cost less and deliver more. For
the last 13 years, smart agricultural, horticultural and livestock producers throughout Australia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East have been using our products to cut input costs, boost returns and reduce farming risks.

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