Sugar Research Australia celebrates innovation at the sugarcane grower expo

Sugar Research Australia Ltd (SRA) is encouraging sugarcane industry participants to attend The Grower Innovation Virtual Expo (GIVE) 2014 to see first-hand how innovation can improve on-farm results.

The expo will showcase grower group research projects at the Innisfail Showgrounds from 18–19 March 2014, followed by the SRA breakfast and Innisfail Agricultural Field Day on 20 March 2014.

Dr Andrew Ward, Executive Manager, Professional Extension and Communication Unit, SRA said that GIVE is an excellent opportunity for grower groups to share their lessons with the broader sugarcane community.

“SRA is a proud sponsor of GIVE and has invested heavily in a large percentage of the projects that are featured at the expo.

“By seeing research in action and understanding how the findings can improve their own farming operations, growers are more likely to adopt pioneering practices.  SRA recognises the value of supporting growers learning from their peers,” Dr Ward said.

Attendees are invited to join SRA on the last day of the expo for breakfast and a series of information sessions that are aimed at helping guide grower’s decisions for the season ahead.

“It’s planting time so it’s important to know how different sugarcane varieties have performed and what new promising varieties are being considered for the northern region.

“And even though harvesting season is still a few months away it’s never too early to find out how small changes in harvesting practices can dramatically reduce infield losses and improve profitability, not just for the growers but also for the mills,” said Dr Ward.

A session on nitrogen nutrition will evaluate the benefits of the different forms of nitrogen that are available. Practical advice on how the different forms might fit into a nutrient management program and help growers maximise production and minimise off-farm impacts, will be provided.

The morning will conclude with a session on Yellow Canopy Syndrome to bring the northern grower community up to speed on SRA’s research into the condition.

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