Bundaberg/ Isis Meeting- 6th March

Overlooking the ‘near-empty’ 8000 ML dam6 March 2014

At the latest Bundaberg/ Isis Next Gen meeting in early March, hosted by Next Gen Reps Gavin Lerch, Josh Buchbach & Matt Kingston, they saw an impressive 30 people attend.

Included in the meeting was a tour to Relmay Farms were the group was hosted by Jason Loeskow who was happy to show them around the shed and let the group have a close look at his 4-row billet planter, peanut harvester and other machinery.

The group also went for a drive around the farm and dug in the dirt in one of Jason’s peanut crops; he’s looking to start digging these in the next week or two. The group also inspected the near empty 8000ML storage that they have invested in.  The Reps noted that it was sad to see this so empty, but were blown away when he told them that they could fill it (with their flood-lifting pumps) in about 9 days.

After this the convoy moved on to the “Dunder Dam” where the farms store and mix their liquid fertiliser for their cane and peanut crops.  On the way out the group drove past their new lateral move irrigator and had a quick look at their aquaculture ponds.

After the farm tour, the group headed back to Alloway Country Club for a quick refreshment and a short meeting. On the agenda for the meeting was:

  • Mark Roberts from NAB gave a short and informative session on succession planning;
  • a discussion on the price of pumping irrigation water and compared costs from around the area;
  • a discussion on the severe drought conditions in Bundaberg, Isis and Maryborough regions;
  • Matt Kingston was welcomed as the new Next Gen Isis Rep;
  • GIVE 2014 in Innisfail;
  • a discussion on Smarcane BMP;
  • a reminder to all about the High fire risk in the area.

Special thanks to Mark Roberts and Mitch Voss from National Australia Bank, for their support – and for sponsoring the night.

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