Nominations for SRA grower (Group G) Delegates now open

If you’re interested in being more involved in Sugar Research Australia and the industry as a whole, and have a passion and vision for RD&E it’s time to stand up and be nominated.

Growers who are SRA Members have been sent an information pack about the SRA Delegate nomination process.

Delegates have the potential to add significant value to SRA and its future research direction so who you nominate is a very important decision.

Delegates will be a direct contact for SRA Members to communicate with and contribute to matters relating to:

  • SRA Performance Reviews and the Sugarcane Levy
  • the election of SRA’s Director Selection Committee members
  • industry drivers, challenges, opportunities and RD&E priorities
  • the promotion and recruitment of SRA Members.

Delegates will meet at least once a year and to be successful in their role are expected to make themselves readily available to SRA Members and SRA.

Grower Delegates will work with Mill Delegates who will also be appointed by each of the mill companies.

Both types of Delegates serve a similar role and by connecting the sugarcane supply chain will work together to help drive the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the whole sugarcane industry.

To make your nomination count, return your completed Nomination Form to SRA by 14 April 2014.  The vote for nominated Delegates will open later that week.

If you are not yet a SRA Member but would like to nominate, please call 1300 111 SRA or visit

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