A reminder about insecure loading of cane bins

A reminder from Queensland Police about insure loading of cane bins.

‘Local Ayr Police would like to remind those involved in the transportation of sugar cane of their obligations relating to the securing of their load for the upcoming cane season.

By law, the person in control of the vehicle must ensure that the load must not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe; must be secured so it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged from the vehicle and an appropriate method must be used to restrain the load. A fine between $220 and $330 will apply for violations.

However the guidelines “2013 Guidelines for Loading of Sugar Industry Cane Haulage Units for Travel on Public Roads” must be adhered to by cane operators, including the loader (harvester driver) to ensure bins are correctly and appropriately filled.

This publication is available through the Queensland Canegrowers website and through your local collective.

This publication outlines the requirements for the loading of cane bins including the requirement that operators clean up any spillage.

This legislation also applies to loads in ute’s, trailers and other similar vehicles used on the regions roads.

In some instances, these loads are not tied down, covered or otherwise restrained, which may lead to unintended consequences.

When operators are transporting sugar cane, they should take steps in ensuring that cane billets do not fall from the varying cane transporters in an effort to both comply with legislation and possibly reduce or remove any civil liability which may occur should an incident occur.

I would encourage any operator who is not sure of any of these requirements to contact their local cane growers organisation.

Yours sincerely

Snr Sgt, 5950
4790 3555

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