Farm Security this 2014 Cane Season

A letter from Snr Sgt Steve Barton of the Ayr Police.

‘With the beginning of the 2014 Cane Season, local Ayr Police would like to remind famers to ensure their property is secured.  This is particularly so with farm sheds on properties where no one resides.

Rural locations such as farms are generally seen as soft targets for property offenders due to the more remote location which provides an ability to work and move about with less chance of discovery and a higher likelihood of unsecured residences, sheds and vehicles. By their very nature, farms often have a large quantity of equipment and are therefore attractive to thieves.

Only today a farmer in the Brandon area reported the theft of a 4 wheeler from a farm shed that stands alone on his property.

I would ask that farmers in the following areas (which have had higher incidents of theft in recent times) keep an eye out for suspicious activity:  RitaIsland, Jarvisfield, Kalamia and Brandon.

Popular targets of these thefts are four wheelers and to a lesser extent tools and fuel.

If you see suspicious activity in your area, note down the time and a detailed description of the vehicle including the registration plate and occupants.

These thieves are impacting your financial bottom line through the replacement cost of the property they steal and by increased insurance premiums.

Other steps farmers can take is to improve security on their farms can include regularly speaking with their neighbours about activity in the area, improved lighting, removing keys from vehicles including 4 wheelers, locking vehicles, security cameras (with low light, infrared capability) and clearly marking their property for identification purposes.

If you have any information about these thefts or of suspicious activity in your area, I would urge you to contact your local police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Yours sincerely

Snr Sgt, 5950
4790 3555′

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