State wide self read metering project

11 June 2014

The Queensland Government have implemented a State wide self meter read. The self reads have been introduced to reduce ‘red tape’ and costs to the people of Queensland. Previously, the department engaged a contractor to read water meters and issued a meter operating charge of $60 per read per meter to the entitlement holder to cover the cost. The department recently completed a successful pilot for the self-read arrangements in the Bowen groundwater management area.

Locally, under the new self-read arrangements, entitlement holders within theBurdekin Groundwater Management Area [excluding the Giru Benefitted Area] are required to provide two readings for each water meter to the department during each water year. The first reading will be required at the end of the water year [30/06/2014] – to be submitted by the 14 July 2014. The second read will be required around the eight month [28/02/2015].

Letters advising metered entitlement holders are due to be mailed out this week with additional information [inclusive of a factsheet] to be forwarded the following week. Entitlement holders may submit these readings online via the department’s online service [will be available closer to 30/06/2014], which is available on the department’s website at or they can record their meter reading(s) on a hard copy form and return by post.

If a meter is undergoing maintenance or is non-operational, entitlement holders are still required to provide a reading or advise us that they are unable to read the meter. Information will be sent to entitlement holders within the next week. This will include information about the new arrangements, explain how to read a water meter and information to assist entitlement holders to provide a meter reading to the department.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Wendy Miller on the below details.

Wendy Miller
Natural Resource Officer
Water Management
Service Delivery – North Region

Telephone: (07) 4761 2251   Qnet: 25251  Mobile: 0477329807
Facsimile:   (07) 4761 2211

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