QSL Grower Representative Members appointed

qsl8 August 2014

The election process for Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) Grower Representative Members has now been completed. As a result, QSL has 21 Grower Representative Members who have been appointed to their positions for a three-year term, commencing August 2014. The nomination and votes received by QSL were tallied, counted and signed off by an independent scrutineer.

QSL Grower Representative Members are a vital communication link between QSL and growers throughout Queensland. This link is vital now more than ever with the ongoing developments in Queensland’s sugar marketing arrangements for the future and QSL’s continued advocacy for grower choice. We encourage growers throughout the state to reach out to their local QSL Grower Representative Member and provide them with feedback.

The role of the QSL Grower Representative Member has evolved over the last twelve months. Thank you to QSL’s former representatives who worked with QSL to further enhance the role. During their tenure, two-way flow of information between QSL and growers was enhanced and several workshops were held to provide further insight into QSL’s services and obtain valuable feedback.

Going forward, QSL Grower Representative Members have an important role in providing direct feedback to QSL on behalf of growers and in sharing information that QSL provides on its latest updates, value offerings and activities.

QSL is committed to providing Grower Representative Members with an understanding of the services we offer, listen when feedback is provided and keep representatives updated on QSL’s activities.

The first official duty of QSL’s Grower Representative Members will be to attend the QSL Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20 October 2014 in Brisbane.

Under our constitution, Grower Representative Members consist of one representative from each single mill area, and where a mill area is part of a mill group (eg Burdekin), a number of representatives from the mill area equal to the number of mills in the mill group. In addition, there is a representative from CANEGROWERS and Australian Cane Farmers Association (ACFA). This brings the total QSL Grower Representative Member positions to 23.

Click here for the full list of QSL Grower Representative Members

Click here for an overview of the QSL Grower Representative Member position

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