Cane farmers to put a price on improving nitrogen use efficiency

22 October 2014
Terrain NRM

Photo by NB Marshall

Photo by NB Marshall

The Australian Government and Terrain NRM are offering Wet Tropics’ sugar cane farmers a unique opportunity to build on existing efforts to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef.

The $5 million Reef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics is a new Australian Government initiative that offers financial incentives to sugar cane farmers to improve their nitrogen use efficiency and help reduce nitrogen discharge from the Wet Tropics – one of the biggest known risks to the Great Barrier Reef.

Terrain NRM’s CEO Carole Sweatman said “We are excited to be working with the Australian Government to support cane farmers in their endeavours to help preserve the Reef whilst maintaining or improving farm sustainability.”

The Reef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics is a four year programme where farmers apply through a market-based competitive tender. Successful tenders are awarded based on the best value for money in improving nitrogen use efficiency on farm.

Carole said, “It is a great opportunity for cane farmers across the Wet Tropics region”.

“Terrain NRM will be holding five workshops throughout the region from 1 to 5 December 2014. I strongly encourage cane farmers to attend to find out about the programme and learn how to calculate nitrogen use efficiency for their property.”

To be eligible to make an application, sugar cane farmers need to register their expression of interest online at by 18th Dec 2014.

Only applicants who register their expression of interest will be eligible to lodge a tender from 19 Jan to 19 Feb 2015.

Terrain NRM is one of 54 regional bodies across Australia working to protect our natural resources.

To find out more about Reef Trust – Wet Tropics, go to, contact Terrain NRM at, or call 1800 357 755.

For information about Reef Trust, go to the Department of Environment’s