BPS Shed Meetings

Burdekin Productivity Services (BPS) has confirmed end of season shed meetings, please see below.

Fri 28 Nov 8:30 Selkirk/Haughton T Pontarelli
Fri 28 Nov 12:00 Clare/Mulgrave (lunch 1st then meeting) Clare Club
Mon 1 Dec 9:30 Dalbeg Dalbeg Inn
Mon 1 Dec 1:00 Millaroo J Cambruzzi
Tue 2 Dec 7:30 Upper Haughton/Stockham Rd* Mio/Old Shadforth shed
Wed 3 Dec 8:30 Giru/Shirbourne D Poletto

*Please note the Upper Haughton/Stockham road has changed start time