Condong celebrates WH&S achievement

NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative Ltd
2 February 2015

The New South Wales Sugar Milling Cooperative’s Condong Mill celebrated a full year without a lost time injury last week with the cutting of a cake and presentation of the yearly cultural award at their monthly lunch time barbeque.

This is an achievement that the Cooperative is proud of and results from a number of initiatives that the Cooperative and employees has implemented to reduce workplace injuries and provide a safer workplace.

Some of the programs that have helped in this achievement are the Cultural Change Program, Continuous Improvement Initiatives and the development of the Workplace Values and Behaviours, including Safety that were developed by the employees, endorsed and supported by the executive and the Board.

Commenting on the achievement CEO Chris Connors said “the change in the workplace behaviours and the management of risk were the foundation of the record result. The attitude throughout the workplace has shown a marked difference and to move from our previous best of 142 days to over
365 days is something that everybody can be congratulated on. I am very sure that our employees appreciate the direction we are heading and any workplace that has the principles of respecting fellow employees and looking out for each other can only lead to safer and improved working conditions.”

As part of the Culture Change Program an Employee Recognition Program was instigated in April 2014 where employees submit nominations for other employee’s good cultural behaviours. The program received great support from the start with a total of 745 nominations for the year. The effort and sincerity that went into the nominations is testimony of the program’s success and is a
credit to everybody.

Along with minor awards throughout the year the program facilitates a Culture Leader of the Season Award.

High stake holders who were a regular feature in the nominations throughout the year with greater
than 20 nominations were:
· Andrew Spence
· Peter Voisey
· Kirk Stacey
· John Logan
· Michael Rossall
· Glen Stoddart

The culture leader award with a total number of 30 nominations was presented to Eden Mackie.

Eden’s nominations were in the culture areas of:
· Team building, with several mentions of lunch, cakes and muffins,
· Boosting moral and promoting good culture,
· Always looking for better ways to do things,
· Putting others first and helping out others.
Eden has a choice of receiving a $500 cash prise or $750 holiday voucher for his achievement.

NSWSMC also recognizes employees who have reached long service milestones of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.

Presentations were made to employees ticking over 10 years of service this year were George Vinnicombe and Troy King. Both work at the retail packing plant and both will receive a $250 voucher.

Dougal Forsyth No 1 Steam Operator has reached 20 years of service to the industry and received a $500 voucher.

These lengths of service represent a significant amount of a person’s work life and the voucher is a small token of appreciation for their efforts and the contribution they have made over that time.

Chairman of NSW Sugar, Ian Causley attended the BBQ to help celebrate this achievement and thank the employees for showing their commitment to working safely. He confirmed the Board’s commitment to the programs that have been introduced and the foundation principals introduced by the Engagement Team of Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability and Safety. He said “often companies have motherhood statements about their business but our programs are very real and what a better way to show the results than celebrating this great achievement.”

Contact: Chris Connors 66812706