Webinar: Discover how other growers are reducing fertiliser costs without affecting crop yields

Drawing on scientific evidence, this webinar, presented by Gary Murdoch-Brown will show that granular, uncoated urea fertilisers leach as much as 40% of their Nitrogen in the first two weeks! These losses force growers to use extra to make up the difference — a costly exercise.

As Gary will point out, if there was a way to ensure more of that lost 60% reached your crops, you could cut fertiliser use — reducing input costs dramatically.

Gary will then introduce coated urea fertilisers specifically formulated to minimise Nitrogen losses. As Gary will prove, the carbon bio-catalysts coating on urea means up to 30% more Nitrogen reaches your crops.

Using examples from field trials from around the world, Gary will show how growers are using two-thirds of the standard amount of fertiliser to achieve the same crop results — significantly reducing fertiliser costs in the process.

Spend 20 minutes, save thousands. Watch here:


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